Sales of Canada Blower replacement fan / blower wheel impellers, pressure blower impeller blades, wheel / shaft fan assemblies. Blower and fan wheel blade balancing. Engineering of large heavy duty fan, blower, ventilator wheels.

Industrial and Commercial Fans, Blowers and Ventilators, MakeUp Air Units, Louvers, Dampers, Heating/Cooling Coils, Humidifiers and Air Curtains.  Supply of replacement industrial fans and industrial blowers, and parts for industrial fans, and industrial blowers, manufactured by Buffalo Blower  fans.


Fan Wheel / Shaft Assemblies

In order to serve the requirements of various industrial applications, we have designed a comprehensive line of fan / blower wheel blades, impellers and wheel-shaft assemblies, precisely fabricated and dynamically balanced. This line of fan / shaft assemblies, wheels and impller blades can be easily customize according to the client requirements

Canada Blower Fan Wheel Shaft Assembly
Industrial process and O.E.M. fan blower ventilation equipment; sales of high pressure blowers and high temperature oven exhaust fans; oven circulation fan air-kits; Canada Blower material handling radial blower fans.

Fan Wheel / Shaft Assemblies

We supply double-width and single-width half shaft assemblie and Blower Wheel - Shaft Assemblies that can be used as high efficient replacement fan blades for exhisting industrial fans and blowers. Extended to total weight of 20,000 Lbs, this fan impellers line is sturdy and holds high tensile leads.

Engineering of Canada Blower, Twin City Aerovent fans, CBC Chicago Blower fans, Acme fan ventilators, New York Blower, ILG American Coolair fans, fans for building ventilation, industrial high temperature oven fans, furnace blowers, leader ventilators, Delhi fans, negative pressure ventilators, USA industrial fas blowers, explosion proof pressure blowers, blower air knives, high temperature pressure blowers.

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Sales of Canada Blower industrial blowers, fans and ventilators, such as high temperature fans, high pressure blowers and explosion proof ventilators, stainless steel and special alloy construction. Quick delivery from stock of centrifugal and axial fans, blowers.

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Canada Blower Co. engineers various types of air makeup units for industrial building ventilation. In industrial plants where there is a high density of employees and many manual operations involved, an improvement in the environment can produce substantial benefits in terms of increased production, reduced errors, and a decline in complaints and absenteeism among employees.

A Direct Gas-Fired Air-Handling Unit AHU may be used as a primary or secondary source to heat a building space. When used for this application, a room thermostat controls unit outlet air temperature.

On a call for heat, a space-heating unit will provide air at the desired room temperature. An airhandler may also be designed to increase outlet temperature when room temperature is low. A duct stat or probe at the outlet of the unit prevents outlet temperatures from exceeding the maximum allowable value.

When a unit blower runs continuously, room air is monitored and the outlet air temperature is modulated to maintain the temperature.

Systems are usually designed for either Space Heating or for Make-Up Air use. However, standard Make-up Air Units may be provided with a room thermostat that monitors indoor minimum set point, a signal is sent to the unit to override outlet temperature set point and turn the unit to full fire. When minimum room temperature is satisfied, unit returns to outlet air temperature control mode.

Return Air Units are a design that includes a damper to bring room air back into the unit. These re-circulate indoor air through a unit with a minimum of outside air added. This type of unit is able to provide air movement for indoor comfort and reduced temperature stratification, but with a minimum of heat added to the building.

Return Air Units are widely used for direct fire space heating applications. They can be supplied with a maximum 80% return/20% fresh air, per ANSI standards. Other options include a 50/50 arrangement.  80/20  Units are configured to modulate from the 80% return/20% fresh air to up to 100% outside or fresh air. 50/50 units are generally designed to switch from 50% return / 50% fresh to 100% fresh, with no modulation between.

Manufacturers of direct gas-fired makeup air equipment must prove that their equipment will "adapt" through its entire operating range to within 5% of laboratory measured outside airflow. This has been a significant challenge. Many manufacturers have attempted to use some form of outside air damper position indication as a way to prove the amount of outside airflow.

All return air should be brought in downstream of the burner and not recirculated through the burner. This is to prevent buildup of waste products from the combustion process within the building. It also prevents contaminants originating within the building environment from being passed through the direct fire burners. The combustion of unknown contaminants can be a serious Safety or Indoor Air Quality problem, and so must be avoided.
- industrial and commercial fans and blowers;
- air handling units;
- heat exchangers;
- fume extractor fans;
- dust collectors, air scrubbers.