Fans and blower for industrial process ventilation, air pollution control systems, combustion pressure blowers, stainless steel blowers high temperature fan ventilators, special OEM blowers and fans. Sales of material conveying radial fan blowers, oven circulating high temperature fans, explosion proof spark resistant blowers, air pollution control fans and special fan ventilators.

Canadian Blower, Chicago supplies replacement forward curved blowers and wheels for forward curved blowers and fans manufactured by Buffalo Blower - New York, Twin City Fan, Northern Blower, Chicago Blower

Air Pollution Control Systems

Blowers and fans for industrial dust collectors

Industrial Dust Collectors and Fume Scrubbers

Air Pollution Control Dust Collectors and Air Scrubbers
are offered to match specific service requirements of the customers. With qualified services handled by the most experienced professionals in the industry, we ensure these Air Pollution Control Fan Systems offer the best possible solution to our clients.


  • Backed up by well defined business strategy support
  • Mechanical engineering consulting services
  • Extensive experience in the field of project management support
  • Well written project support documentation
  • Compliance with the most strict HVAC and other industrial certification standards

Canada Blower ventilators and blowers for Air Pollution Control Systems. Sales of industrial high velocity air knives, process air curtain, air-knife pressure blowers, high pressure air canon blowers, blowoff pressurte blower air-knives, high ait volume air-cannon fans, industrial process air blowing systems.
Canada Blower Electrostatic Precipitators (ESP) electronically charge both large and microscopic contaminants, these systems capturing impurities like a magnet in collection cells.

Canada Blower Fabric-style media collectors offer the ability to remove both small and large particles from indoor factory processes.
With many style and filtration options a media collector may be the right solution to capture airborne particulate.   

Compact, machine-mountable Canada Blower mist collectors. Designed to collect, filter, and reclaim mist generated from machines using oil-based, synthetic, semi-synthetic, or water-soluble coolants.

Pollution Control Systems

Air Pollution Control Systems
combine cutting-edge air purification technology with extensive cutomer support to provide the best possible value to our customers. With the highest manufacturing standards developed in accordance with the defined guidelines, these systems are easy to install and can be made available in different operational fan arrangements.


  • Designed to provide effective air pollution control in various industrial applications
  • Unmatched product Quality and Reliability
  • Designed to provide assistance in controlling as well as measurements of atmospheric emissions / gases
System Types:
  • Cartridge dust collectors
  • Baghouse filtration fan systems
  • Cyclone separators
  • Wet gas scrubbers
  • Pneumatic conveying blower systems
  • Industrial vacuum blowers

Stock of tubeaxial & vaneaxial inline duct fans, blower and fan repair / balancing, replacement centrifugal and axial fan blades, axial duct fans, aluminum pressure blowers, FRP ventilators, dust collectors blowers fans, dust collection fan ventilators, high temperature oven circulation fans, explosion proof ventilatoprs, spark reistant fans and blowers, induce & force draft fans, fan blower impellers.

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Canada Blower AMX Mixed Flow Fan combines the benefits of axial flow and centrifugal flow fans. The Canada Blower AMX ventilator has the advantage of a compact design and straight-through airflow as well as the preferred acoustic characteristics and high pressure ventilation capability.

Canada Blower Mixed flow fans are a popular choice on many air supply, return, and exhaust air applications in the HVAC industry for both constant and variable air volume fan systems. The efficiency and sound characteristics of Canada Blower mixed flow fans are often desired in buildings such as hospitals, libraries, theaters, and general offices. The heavy-duty construction of Canada Blower AMX fans also make them suitable for many industrial ventilation applications handling ambient air.