Sales of high pressure industrial blowers, OEM fan ventilators, axial flow wall fans and roof supply / exhaust ventilators, centrifugal fan blowers, scroll cage blower fans, industrial vacuum pressure blowers, stainless steel SST fans, fibeglass FRP ventilators, aluminum pressure blowers.

Supply of replacement industrial fans and industrial blowers, and parts for industrial fans, and industrial blowers, manufactured by Buffalo Blower / New York, Twin City Fan, Northern Blower fans.


Industrial Dampers

Manufacturer Sales Office for Industrial Dampers and Variable Inlet Vane Fan Dampers. Our product range also cinclude Industrial Blowers, heavy duty Fans and Commercial Ventilators.

Variable Vane Damper
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Variable Vanes Dampers

Variable Vane Fan Dampers
is a very energyefficient way to control fan performance. These dampers provie accurate modulation as well as power savings at reduced fan air flow rates. The advanced design of these vane dampers as well as their location at the inlet of the fan also provide for smooth fan start up, as well as superior pressure control during operations.

Manufacturer of I.D. blowers, F.D. blowers, force draft fans, force draft blowers, blow off ventilators / fans, PVC FRP SST ventilators, squirrel cage blower fans, high pressure centrifugal ventilators, Chicago blowers, aluminum fans, stainless steel ventilators, hot air blowers, heating fans, high temperature oven ventilators, high pressure air blowers, squirrel cage blower wheels, Peerless Dayton ventilators, Sheldons blowers, New York fans NYB, TCF, Delhi fans blowers.

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Canada Blower Company is the engineering sales representative for Industrial and OEM fan and blower manufacturer in North America. Canada Blower fans are well know for their highest manufacturing quality, reliability and industrial toughness for many years across the world.

CBC Chicago Blower Canada - Industrial Fans, Blowers, Ventilators

Suppliers of heavy duty industrial process and OEM fans, blowers and ventilators, high temperature oven fans, pressure blowers. Sales of centrifugal and axial fans, radial blowers, tubeaxial and vaneaxial ventilators, roof and wall exhaust and supply fan ventilators, airfoil and backward inclined scroll cage blowers and fan wheel blades.

Direct drive simplicity converts to lower initial cost and less operating expense, as there are no fan shafts, bearings, belts or guards to maintain. Plug fans utilize Canada Blower quiet, efficient airfoil fan wheel with hyperbolic inlet cone. Exceptional rigidity is afforded by the heavy steel panel with flanged edges and gusseted motor base. Plug fans are designed for horizontal or vertical installation.

Canada Blower direct drive airfoil plug fan offers a compact economical alternative to belt drive plug fans. Applications include packaged equipment for cooling, drying, dust collection, recirculation and aeration systems. For retrofit installations, the compact direct drive configuration allows greater system flexibility. When coupled with a variable frequency drive, performance is no longer limited to synchronous motor speeds.

Canada Blower direct drive line consists of plug fan sizes from 12-1/4 to 30 and static pressures to 12”. Direct drive fan maximum temperature is typically limited to 180°F, or higher when equipped with factory cooling wheel and insulated plug fan panels. For elevated temperatures, ask about Canada Blower’s belt drive or direct coupled fans. The versatile plug fan design allows for use of eitherC-face or foot mounted motors. Fans are also available with steel housing, backward inclined wheels or other factory modifications.
Plug fan wheel was developed for open wheel installations and utilizes a solid, single surface airfoil blade to provide Canada Blower Plug Fan with one of the industry’s highest efficiencies. With reduced horsepower requirements, energy savings are significant, up to 84% efficient. Although Plug Fan has ambient air applications, it is typically utilized for temperatures up to 1000° F. Sound levels are generally low over the entire performance range.

Canada Blower new compact Design 70 Plug Fan is designed for high temperatures to 1000° F, typically ovens, kilns, and dryers, anywhere airstreams need to be recirculated.

Plug fan wheels are formed from heavy gauge mild steel continuously welded, with cast iron hub, suitable for maximum temperatures of 800°F. Stainless steel plug fan construction is available for temperatures to 1000°F. Fan wheels are dynamically balanced to G6.3 before assembly. Drive panel’s gusseted design provides maximum rigidity and strength. They are simply plugged in to the system to supply exhaust or to circulate air. Large flush mounting surface minimizes panel wall loading. All sides are flanged offering flexible, economical support and rigidity. Bearings are assembled inside gussets, allowing for access without total fan disassembly.

- High Temperature Fan Construction
- Integral Inlet Cone Assembly
- AMCA Spark Resistant Fan Construction

Insulated Plug Fan Panels Wheels are formed from heavy gauge mild steel continuously welded, with cast iron hub, suitable for maximum temperatures of 800° F. It can be installed or removed through the same access hole in the enclosure. 301°F-650°F Includes shaft cooler with cooler cone in addition to high temperature fan bearings with high temperature grease. 651°F - 800°F construction includes all of the above plus shaft seal. 801°F - 1000°F construction includes all of the above plus stainless steel fan wheel, hub and shaft. Also includes shaft extension for required 4" insulation and includes high temperature paint on the drive fan panel. Plug panels insulate the motor and drive from heat, and handle temperatures to 1000°F. They are recommended for all applications over 250°F. Plug fan panels are packed with high temperature insulation, available in 2', 4', 6', and 8' thicknesses to meet installation requirements. Cone assembly assures proper alignment of cone to fan wheel. The assembly is welded to the insulated plug or mounting panel. It can be installed or removed through the same access hole in the enclosure. Fan housings maximize performance by increasing efficiency while, at the same time, directing the airstream in a specific direction. They are fabricated from heavy gauge steel, continuously welded. Housings are available in both CW and CCW configuration and are rotatable. Large cutouts simplify fan wheel removal.